Zahm House
EST 1937

Care & Support

A major reason why Notre Dame enjoys the third highest freshman retention rate (98%) and six-year graduation rate (96%) among national universities is because of the care and support the University offers its students. Residence halls play a pivotal role in this provision; accordingly, the staff of Zahm House does its best to tend to the needs of all Zahmbies and to direct them to University resources.

The Rector, is the primary pastoral leader, chief administrator, community builder, and University resource for Zahm House. He knows all Zahmbies by name and interacts formally and informally with all the men on a regular basis. At the beginning of the year, he meets with all freshmen for one-to-one meetings to establish a relationship. The Rector provides pastoral care and counseling, manages crises, reaches out to those who may be disconnected from the House, and connects men to University resources. He and the rest of the staff are dedicated to cura personalis: "care for the entire person."

The Assistant Rectors and Resident Assistants are selected by and directly report to the Rector. They are trained to aid the Rector in the care of Zahmbies, including to abide by strict guidelines (e.g., not to go beyond their competencies and to inform the Rector of situations that need his attention). Quite often Resident Assistants offer an empathetic ear to men who experience the normal ups and downs of college life.

The Rector of Zahm provides all Zahm men with his cell number in case of urgent situations. They are urged to contact him immediately if they are seriously depressed or otherwise ill, in danger, grieving, etc.


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