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Zahm House strives to embody the mission, identity, and ethos of Notre Dame, which includes being true to our Catholic identity and the charism and mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross who founded and sponsors our beloved University. This necessarily means, however, that Notre Dame, and thus Zahm House, is not sectarian but rather actively engages and dialogues with persons regardless of their religion or lack thereof. Hence, all Zahmbies are not only welcomed but are encouraged to partake in all of the House's religious activities as they feel comfortable. We also help to connect all Zahm men with the dynamic people and programs of Notre Dame's Campus Ministry, and we provide contacts for non-Catholics to connect with student groups and Michiana communities of their respective faith traditions.

St. Albert the Great Chapel and Liturgies

Zahm's beautiful St. Albert the Great Chapel is always open to Zahmbies for prayer and reflection. On Sundays during term time, we celebrate Mass together at 10 pm. The men of the House, of course, serve as cantors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, musicians, readers, servers, and singers - House Mass on Sundays is a truly unique experience. Mass is also celebrated at 10 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Other liturgical celebrations of the sacraments take place throughout the academic year, such as the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the chapel is used for para-liturgies, devotions, and choir rehearsals, as well. As stated above, all Zahmbies are encouraged to participate in the House's religious activities as they feel comfortable.

Mass Schedule
  • 10 pm - Sundays.
  • 10 pm - Mondays
  • 10 pm - Tuesdays
  • 10 pm - Wednesdays

Liturgical Commissioners

Hayden Adams and Kevin O’Leary

Liturgical Musicians and Choir

Please contact Pat Brown at pbrown10@nd.edu if you would like to be involved.


Father Gregory Haake, C.S.C. is our chaplain, and along with Father Matt provides sacramental ministry to the House. Fr. Greg is a regular presider at Mass, is always available to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and offers a pastoral presence to all members of the House, no matter their faith tradition. He welcomes a knock on the door at any time (within reason) and can always be reached by e-mail or phone to set up an appointment.

Fr. Greg was welcomed into the House in the Fall of 2015, and he plans to reside in the House for awhile. He once said, "Just as the Queen of England sees many Prime Ministers during her time, I will see many Rectors during my time in Zahm." Fr. Greg graduated from Notre Dame in 1999 and was an RA in O'Neill Hall. In addition to his duties in his house, Fr. Greg's primary responsibilities are as an Assistant Professor of French in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

Zahm Militant

Zahm Militant is a faith-based fellowship intended to help Zahmbies grow as men of God. This happens through growing in Godliness by way of regular participation in the Eucharist and in fellowship that encourages one another on the journey. It also happens through growing in true manliness through activities that teach skills that are good for men to know and homilies that speak of virtues to seek. These two parts are drawn together by occasional speakers who come to teach some of the skills as well as share how they strive to grow in faith while living in the world today.

Where does the name come from? In part it is taken from an article that describes the Zahm House namesake, Fr. John Zahm, C.S.C., as a "gentle priest" with a "heroic militancy for Christ." It also reflects the reality that becoming a man of God is not something that just happens on its own; it is something about which one must be attentive and diligent.

All of the men of Zahm are welcome to participate in Zahm Militant events. In the Fall of 2016, our primary meetings will entail Mass at 10 pm in the St. Albert the Great Chapel followed by beer bread and conversation in Fr. Greg's room. Other meetings and events will be scheduled and announced as is appropriate for the nature of the event (e.g., Habitat for Humanity build, lesson in wood chopping, knowing your way around a car, etc.). The Zahm House annual weekend retreat is hosted by Zahm Militant, as well, and takes place one weekend during the winter months. In the past, it has sometimes taken place Friday through Sunday before the start of the Spring Semester, at the end of winter break.

Here is a feature article from The Irish Rover on Zahm Militant: Men of Zahm are Men of Faith.

Zahm Militant Coordinators

Joe Brady and Joe Calce

House Weekend Retreat

The details of the Zahm House Retreat are usually announced during the Fall Semester, and the Retreat typically involves an overnight during the month of February. Last winter, about 30 Zahmbies traveled a half hour south of South Bend to Potato Creek State Park in North Liberty, IN. The theme of the retreat changes from year to year, but it always reflects a general desire to grow in one's relationship with God, and often involve the context of being part of the brotherhood that is Zahm.

The rector and chaplain work with the coordinators of Zahm Militant to plan and guide the retreat. Retreats consist of various talks, discussions, prayer experiences, meals, and other planned activities, as well as some time spent outdoors (group pictures above and below our from a brisk February hike during retreat). While this is primarily an opportunity for members of Zahm House to experience a retreat that deepens their own faith life, it is also an opportunity for members of the House to grow as faith leaders, since students are responsible for its planning and execution.

2019 House Weekend Retreat
  • Details to be posted soon!