Zahm House
EST 1937



  1. Staff In-Residence
  2. Non-Resident Fellows and Staff
  3. Student Employees
  4. Government
  5. Commisioners
  6. STEM Ambassador
  7. Liturgical Musicians and Choir
  8. Zahm Militant
  9. First Year Orientation Staff

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Staff In-Residence

Rector: Rev. Matthew E. Hovde, C.S.C.
Chaplain: Fr. Gregory Haake, C.S.C.
Assistant Rectors: Alex Roth
Michael Feula
Resident Assistants: Tyler Duffy
Levi Biasco
JP Bruno
Joey Curci
Luke Brahier
Johnathan Beldin

Non-Resident Fellows and Staff

Former Honorary House Fellow: Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C., Ph.D., S.T.D.
(August 26, 2012 - February 26, 2015)
Housekeepers: Archie Fultz, Bertha Barrozo
NDSP Quad Officer: Kelly Lamberson (aka Officer Kelly)

Student Employees

Hall Clerk: Jack Grogan
Package Clerk: Juan Mendez
Mail Clerk: Chris Nunes
Za (Pizza Parlor) Managers: Alex Bonino, Jack Horvath
Za Staff: The Za staff for 2016-2017 has not been filled yet.
Interested in cooking? Contact Alex Bonino at abonino@nd.edu.


President: Alex Bonino
Vice Presidents: Chris Nunes
Chris Brendza
Head Social Commissioner: Jonathan Kotek
Senator: Finbar Berry
SUB Representative: Hector Peralta


  • Academic: JP Bruno, Greg Garcia
  • Apparel: Austin Rotter, Carter Collins, Troy Veritzan
  • Athletic: Joe Huffman, Ryan Kolakowski
  • Banner: John Brolly, Pat Zimmer, Logan Thayer
  • Fundraising: Finbar Berry, Hap Burke
  • Kitchen: Niko Martinovic
  • Judicial Board: Alban Dulaj
  • Mass-Related Commissioners
    • Liturgical: Joe Brady, Will O'Hara
    • Liturgical Music: Joe Crowley
  • Service Commissioners
    • General Service: Luigi Coltorti, Tom Curran
    • Service Events: Luke Tholen, Mike Nguyen
  • Social Commissioners
    • Brother-Sister: Brian Curley, Pat Zimmer
    • Campus-Wide Event: Charlie Alldredge, Austin Rotter
    • Dance: Jonathan Austin, Jordan Isner
    • Diversity: Kaleem Minor, Greg Garcia
    • Gender-Relations: Chuck Filip, Niall Gallagher
    • Grill Masters: Sam MacGinty, Joe Calce
    • Miscellaneous Social Events: Hector Peralta, Luke Wurl
    • South Bend: Chris Hachtman, Freddie Lockie
  • Sustainability: Joe Calce, Adam Uppendahl
  • Website: Luke Wurl

Liturgical Musicians and Choir

Please contact Joe Crowley at jcrowle2@nd.edu if you would like to be involved.

Zahm Militant Coordinators


First Year Orientation Staff

Head Commissioner: Alex Bonino

Staff: Finbar Berry, Joe Calce, Dennis Sullivan,
Tom Curran, Carter Collins, Freddie Lockie, Brian Curley,
Austin Rotter, Troy Veritzan, Joe Brady, Pat Zimmer,
Luke Wurl, Will O'Hara, Quinn Klocke, Jonathan Austin