Zahm House
EST 1937


The Zahm Section in the North Dining Hall

The men of Zahm socialize a lot together. First and foremost, they normally eat their meals together daily in the Zahm section of the North Dining Hall (mid-south upper balcony). This is unique to the House and one of the reasons why the men of Zahm know one another so well. Freshmen and upperclassmen simply go to whatever spots are free at the tables and enjoy the company of their fellow Zahmbies.

Open Door Tradition

It's a long-standing tradition in Zahm for men to keep their doors open when they're in their rooms and not sleeping or studying so that fellow Zahmbies can pop-in to say "hi," to talk, to laugh, to play video games, or what not.

Annual Events

Below are some the usual social events, which often have an educational or religious component, as well.

    • Alumni Reunion
    • Away Football Game Day Watches
    • Battle for the Shadow with St. Edward's Hall
    • Brother-Sister week with Cavanaugh Hall
    • Decade Dance
    • Dinner with a Zahmbie
    • Easter Egg Hunt with Cavanaugh Hall
    • End of the Year Dinner and Staff Roast
    • Frosh-O
    • "Here Come the Irish" Football Banner Raisings and BBQs
    • Hesburgh Challenge
    • Junior-Parent Weekend
    • Lake Michigan Beach Trip with Cavanaugh Hall
    • Lighting of Terrence the Tree
    • Monthly Lunches with Faculty Fellow, Carl Ackermann
    • Moreau Day Sunday Mass and Social
    • Movie Watches with Fr. Jim Gallagher, C.S.C.
    • Parent-Son Weekend
    • Ping Pong Tournament sponsored by Faculty Fellow, Carl Ackermann
    • Section Basketball
    • Section Events (e.g., Silver Hawks' games)
    • Section Football
    • Section Olympics
    • Section Masses and Socials
    • Spring Carnival
    • St. Albert the Great Patronal Feast Day with "A Wing and a Prayer"
    • Torquemada
    • The Underground
    • Weekend Retreat
    • Zahm House Awards
    • Zahm Fire
    • Zahm Independence Day
    • Zahm Interhall Sports
    • Zahm Militant Events
    • Zahm Prom Parade
    • Zormal Dance

Apparel Commissioners

Tim Coen and Joe Rice

Dance Commissioners

Paul Black and Matt Lechleider

Football Concession Stand Commissioners

Adam Logeman and Sam Suh

Grill Master

Alex Pacelli

"Here Come the Irish" Football Banner Commissioners

Patrick Cruser, Mike McMannon, and Connor Willis

Junior Parents' Weekend Commissioners

Ryan Janecek and Michael Rangel

Parent-Son Weekend Commissioners

Greg Bourdon and Nico Giraldo

Social Commissioners

Ryan Fitzgerald and Andrew Hosbein

Zahm-Cavanagh (Brother-Sister Halls) Commissioners

Mike Izzo and Paul Mascarenhas