Zahm House
EST 1937

Memorials and Gifts

Memorials and gifts have been given to Zahm House in honor of the following men:

Sean C. Boyle

Interhall football and lacrosse jerseys presented to Zahm Hall in memory of Sean C. Boyle, 1959-2010; ND class of 1982
A life-long Irish fan and devoted family man who embodied the qualities of a Zahm resident in every way.
From his friends of the 1978-1982 era

Paul Bertolini

The altar candlesticks in the St. Albert the Great Chapel of Zahm Hall are in memory of Paul Bertolini, who died on May 24, 1982.
From his friends in Zahm Hall

Andrew Bunikis

The Andrew Bunikis Service Award is awarded to the Zahm man who best exemplifies Andrew's commitment to service beyond the House.

Fr. Paul E. Fryberger, C.S.C.

November 20, 1906 - December 2, 1999
Rector Zahm Hall 1953-1960
Dedicated to forming Men from Boys
Presented by the Zahm Men - Class of 1961

Fr. Thomas King, C.S.C.

The Fr. Thomas King, C.S.C. Award is awarded to the member of the House government or staff who displays the qualities of leadership, tireless energy, and undying devotion to Zahm House.

Richard C. McBrien, Jr

Power cage and bench donated in loving memory of Richard C. McBrien, Jr., 1963-2003
ND class of 1991 and Zahm Hall resident

Conor Murphy

One of the lounges on the first floor of Zahm is dedicated to the memory of Conor Murphy, a man of Zahm, who died of leukemia on January 31, 2001.

Xavier Murphy

The former House Office in Zahm has been turned into a lounge and will be dedicated to Xavier Murphy on October 11, 2013. Xavier died of leukemia on October 11, 2011. (If you are interested in making a donation to buy furniture and art work for the room, please contact the Rector.)

Johnny O'Brien

In memory of Johnny O'Brien, a member of the class of 1975 and former resident of Zahm Hall
We extend our gratitude toward his family and friends who have exemplified the ideal Christian charity through their generosity and kindness to Zahm Hall.
The Men of Zahm

Wally Poirier

Dedicated to Wally Poirier, '00 and his singular approach to life
In thanksgiving for his spirit, his selfless service, his antics, and his love
From his family and his friends
Zahm Hall and Notre Dame

Mike Revers

In memory of Mike Revers, 1978-2007
Class of 2000, Zahm Hall

Stephen Saunders

The Stephen Saunders Memorial Award is awarded to the Zahm freshman who best display's Steve's spirit, strong sense of faith, dedication to academics, enthusiasm for athletics, and positive influence on the House.

Fr. Matthew Miceli, C.S.C.

The Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C. picture in the St. Albert the Great Chapel of Zahm House was given to honor Fr. Matthew Miceli, C.S.C. on 50 years of residence in Notre Dame Halls.

Fr. Thomas Tallarida, C.S.C.

The Fr. Thomas Tallarida, C.S.C. Award is awarded to the Zahm man who best exemplifies Fr. Ta's spirit and dedication to the betterment of student life at the University of Notre Dame.

Br. Thomas Tucker, C.S.C.

The St. André Bessette, C.S.C. picture in the St. Albert the Great Chapel of Zahm House was given to honor Br. Thomas Tucker, C.S.C. on 50 years of religious life in Holy Cross.