Zahm House
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Incoming Fighting Irish Zahmbies: Welcome! You just won the jackpot. In Zahm House you'll often hear the expression, "Notre Dame by choice, Zahm by the grace of God." Explore this site to learn more about your awesome new home.

The Red Book

The Red Book for the 2019-2020 school year is posted. The Red Book has tons of information that will be useful to you upon arrival and introductions from just a few of the Zahmbie's you'll be meeting. Be sure to check it out.

Zahmbies' Voices

The comments below come from rising sophomores in Zahm. They should offer you a true sense of the House, including what you can expect and what will be expected of you as men of Zahm.

"Zahm is more than a dorm as most people know. It is a brotherhood and a family. It is a place where everyone loves and accepts each other, supports and cares for each other."

"Zahm is a unique place, and it is the most tight-knit and welcoming community I have ever been a part of. I have never felt as happy in my life as I have felt living in Zahm this year. Zahm is all about taking in 60 random kids and turning them into closest friends and brothers. It is amazing that I can call myself friends with every person in my class and many upperclassmen. The upperclassmen go above and beyond to be welcoming and to make sure the freshmen transition well to Notre Dame. I felt immediately at home when I arrived in August thanks to Zahm’s community. If I have a question ever or need help with anything, I know I can find fellow Zahmbie who would love to help me – be it with Gen Chem homework, a question about anything at Notre Dame, the fuse in my room popping, personal advice - anything. The fact that I could go to the dining hall basically any time and know I have somewhere to sit and someone to sit with was amazing for me at the start of school. I love all of Zahm’s many traditions and how they work to bring the freshmen in Zahm together and also to bring them closer to the upperclassmen. Only in Zahm would nearly all 60 freshmen sit together (and throw up the X together) at the first football and every game after that. I could go on forever. I honestly feel like Zahm has impacted my life. Prior to living in such a welcoming, tight knit community, I lacked the self-esteem I now have; now I am outgoing and love being myself. It truly is Zahm by the Grace of God."

"Although every dorm on campus claims to be a family, I believe that Zahm is unique in achieving this fully. Only here do we bring dozens of guys to support our freshman presidential candidates, turn out in droves for interhall hockey games, and gather at the grotto to pray for the loved ones of our brothers, even if we barely know them. Zahm means having dozens of people you're happy to have dinner with no matter what time you eat. It means being able to send an email asking for a calculator 30 minutes before a test and get one in time. Zahm is 75 freshmen standing together at football games, and upperclassmen going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the freshmen feel welcome here and get the help and information they need. It's leaving your door open whenever you're there and welcoming anyone in. Zahm is special because living here is enough to guarantee that you'll be loved, and that acceptance is what makes it home."

"Zahm is my home. When I was home for spring break, my hometown didn't feel like home anymore. 'Twas unsettling, but I knew that this was because I had found a new home in Zahm. Zahm is a tight brotherhood, a welcoming retreat for all who live here and many who don't."

"Zahm is a place where you can literally turn to anyone for support about anything and you know that they will support you. Zahm is more than just a dorm on campus where you sleep, it really is a place where I believe you make life long friendships and those around you support you. To me, it's a place where I can come and feel welcome regardless of who I am and it's a home that I know will always be there."

"Zahm means a number of different things to me. Before arriving I was not sure what to expect but immediately I realized how tightly knit the community in Zahm is. I feel closely tied to all of them and would do anything to help any of them because of the sense of community in the dorm. Living here is a point of pride for me and I feel a connection to everyone else in the dorm. There is a sense of selflessness and approachability in the dorm that makes it a very welcoming place. To me Zahm epitomizes everything I value. There is a diverse group of welcoming people here who are always willing to put in the work to help one another and for school but we also have a good balance of fun and recreation. I try to find a balance in life and develop relationships and Zahm is the ideal place to do so."

"Zahm is my family. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be this loyal and proud of my dorm, I would have never believed them. Zahm is special at Notre Dame because of its ability to make everyone feel a part of its traditions. I also think that Zahm is special because of how everyone knows each other. In other dorms it seems like people only know their section. Without Zahm, I do not think that I would have the same perception of Notre Dame, and I do not think that I would be having nearly as much fun."

"It's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me. It's not even my second home anymore; I think I'd rather live here then live back in X. Zahm is a community and lifestyle that I am honored and proud to be a part of, and I'll be one of those old guys walking around to all my old rooms and talking with students on all the stuff that went down here. I'd do anything for the House. I go to the best school on Earth and I'm in the best dorm hall there and I would never change that for anything."

"Zahm to me has become my family. When I heard that this dorm was the 'closest' out of all of them, I honestly thought it was just a way of advertising. But now I know for sure that that is definitely not true. Never in my life would I have expected a group of so many guys just randomly selected to be put into the dorm would mesh and work together as well as this dorm does. The fact that I'm here right now is a blessing and I'm super thankful for it."

"Zahm House is clearly not like any other dorm on campus. It clearly has a closer brotherhood than any other dorm. I think that Zahm is a place where everyone should be involved in some way or another to be able to form a tight bond between each other. At the end of the day, Zahm is what its residents make of it, and I think it's clear that in the past its residents have made it the best dorm on campus. Zahm means a lot to me because it's not just a dorm, it's a place that any resident can go to and feel good and be a part of something great."

"Zahm has come to define my time at Notre Dame. To me, it means a tight community of guys who care about each other and what Zahm represents. I think we are without a doubt the best dorm on campus, but that comes with a lot of responsibility, especially to each other. I have made so many friends here, some as close as brothers, and I want to be there for every Zahmbie. I think we have a tradition unlike any other, and that it is every Zahmbie's duty to uphold and continue our tradition of community. If you were to ask me this question in four years, I would hope my answer would be this: To me, Zahm means some of the best four years I ever spent with some of the greatest guys I ever met."

"Zahm is easily my favorite thing about Notre Dame this year, even above football and the school's X program. It's where I hang out every weekend, where I plan to live all four years that I'm here, and the only dorm I would want to be an RA in. I wasn't sure how to feel about it when I found out over the summer that that's where I was placed, but now I couldn't feel luckier that I was put here."

"Zahm, as every Notre Dame student knows, is the closest, tight-knit dorm on campus. Zahmbies are one-of-a-kind. To me, it's crazy that everyone greets each other, regardless if they've ever talked or even know each other's names. First couple weeks it was almost overwhelming, but it definitely made me feel that Zahm was my home. That is essentially what Zahm is--a house in which everyone living together loves each other."

"Every time I have gone home for breaks, I have missed most hanging out with guys from my floor who I know I will be friends with for years to come. Regardless of what's going on in the rest of my life, I know I can fall back on my brothers in Zahm."

"To me, Zahm has been the center of my Notre Dame experience. It is a place that cultivates brotherhood and a sense of community that cannot be matched by any other dorm on campus or any other dorm that I have heard of elsewhere in the country. When arriving back on campus after spring break, at my first sight of Zahm, I immediately felt like I was home. I believe I feel this way because of the inclusive spirit of Zahm and the brotherhood that defines all the men living in Zahm and brings them together. Zahm will forever be a huge part of me for all that it has given me and the many memorable experiences that I have shared with fellow men of Zahm."

"Zahm will always be a part of me. ND by choice, Zahm by the grace of God."

"Zahm means more to me than I can explain. Coming into college, I was always the shy kid that didn't want to go outside of his comfort zone for fear of how others would view me. Living in Zahm, however, has done nothing but help me to lose that mindset and just be myself. I am more comfortable being in Zahm than I have ever been anywhere else in my life. Zahm is the place that allowed me to come into my own and become the man I am meant to be. Zahm has helped teach me what true friendship and brotherhood is all about. I love being a member of Zahm, and I can't believe how fortunate I was on that day where I found out I was a Zahmbie."

"I wasn't sold on Notre Dame upon arrival on campus in August. Having the opportunity to live in Zahm was my deal-breaker despite feeling like a shot in the dark at the time. Never in my life have I felt as welcome as I did when I arrived in the Zahm parking lot to find a dozen guys greeting my parents and me and insisting on carrying every bag to my room. I quickly found that Zahm is unlike any other dorm. This fact is confirmed for me all the time as I experience tradition after tradition in the House, all of which bring us closer. While classes, majors, school policies, and even university traditions may change, Zahm is the one guaranteed constant. I know I can come back here for support and friendship. I laugh every time I hear someone say, 'Notre Dame is my home away from home' because I know that Zahm House is my home away from home."

"For me, Zahm has defined my time at Notre Dame so far. I love the guys who live here, and the sense of brotherhood I felt from day one. I moved in a day earlier than the rest of the freshman, and I was immediately welcomed by the sophomores on Frosh-O. This is what Zahm means to me. I came to Zahm as a complete stranger, and was immediately met as a brother."

"Zahm House is a uniquely awesome dorm. The sense of brotherhood and commitment men of Zahm have to each other is only matched by the sense of compassion and generosity toward service projects in the South Bend community. Zahm House is the best dorm, with the best and most caring people at ND."

"When I read 'Notre Dame by choice, Zahm by the grace of God,' I did not think that I would actually buy into Zahm being as great as everyone said it would be. I was wrong. Zahm has the best community and brotherhood I could ask for. It did not take long to make friends that I will have for the rest of my life. It is always refreshing to come back from classes to a place where I feel comfortable and where I can always hang out with the guys. When I talk to kids in other dorms, I feel bad for them. They will never experience the greatness that is House. To think about being in any other dorm just feels wrong."

"Zahm is very special to me and I can't imagine my experience at Notre Dame without it."

"Zahm House has without a doubt been the most consistently positive aspect of my time at ND. I knew from the moment I joined the Frosh-O Facebook group that Zahm was different from (better than) the other dorms on campus, but the differences were far less trivial than I had anticipated. The sense of community (and humor) inherent to many House events and the love that everyone has for one another makes Zahm transcend "dorm." It's the House on campus, and now I know that's much more than just a label."

"To me, Zahm is an unparalleled community that fosters acceptance. Immediately when I got on campus I felt like I already had 200 friends based on the dorm's welcoming community."

"I think that the two best words to describe Zahm House are brotherhood and tradition. I was, as I'm sure most people were, extremely nervous going to college and not sure how I would make friends. When we got here, I was a little afraid of talking to the upperclassmen. But I remember upperclassmen constantly coming into my room to meet us and talk about Zahm, Notre Dame, or any random topic with us freshmen, which helped me get accustomed and comfortable with living here. It's weird for me when I talk to friends outside the dorm when they say that they only know guys in their section, and almost none of the upperclassmen, because it's just so different in Zahm. As for the traditions, I love being a part of something that's been going on for so long, and which bonds us with the Zahmbies who've come before us, even if we don't know them. I think that is also part of the appeal of Notre Dame as a whole, and Zahm exemplifies this exceptionally. Also, these traditions are some of my favorite memories, both at college and of my life, and I'm so happy that I participated in them. It truly is by the grace of God that I was put in Zahm House."

"To me, Zahm House means a tight-knit community where everyone genuinely wants each other to succeed in their academic, athletic, social, and spiritual endeavors."

"Zahm House is a collection of brothers who stand with each other and for each other. We are unique on campus because of our close knit brotherhood and this community atmosphere that we form makes us the best dorm on campus. Zahm is synonymous with fraternity and this feeling is what truly Zahm House is."

"Zahm House means pride. We excel not for awards or recognition, but for the betterment of ourselves and others through our exemplary action."

"I couldn't be prouder to be a member of the Zahm community, and I can't imagine living in another dorm. Zahm House till I die."