Zahm House
EST 1937


Arrival Dates (these are 2018 dates, will be updating soon):

  • Thursday, August 16th 12:00pm-3:00pm for freshmen scheduled for early arrival. This is ONLY for those approved for early move-in!
  • Friday, August 17th is the regular move-in day:
    • 9:00am – 10:30am for Group 1 (2nd and 4th floors)
    • 11:30am – 1:00pm for Group 2 (1st and 3rd floors)

Note: Please follow instructions provided to you by the Office of Housing and the First Year of Studies if they are different than listed above!

Upon Arrival:

1. There will be a specific route for each hall--signs and parking attendants will assist you. Drive up to the back of the House--a swarm of Frosh-O (aka Welcome Weekend) staff, all in red shirts, will descend upon your vehicle to grab your things and take them up to your room. Have a parent stay with the car so he or she can move it to a parking lot as soon as it is emptied. You will not be allowed to park the vehicle behind the building or in the grass near the House. We absolutely need to keep traffic flowing for the sake of all those moving in on that day.

2. Come into the House basement. There you will fill out a health form card, get your room key, and receive your Frosh-O and House t-shirts.

3. Frosh-O staff will show you to your room. They can also help you loft or bunk your bed (although if your roommates haven’t arrived yet, it may be best to wait before making major room set-up decisions).

4. Meet your RA (resident assistant). He is in charge of your section and will be a great resource for anything and everything.

5. Once you have unloaded your stuff, it is a good idea to get your student ID. You should have gotten directions on where to go to get it. Then you can head out on campus or to town to buy carpet or whatever you might need.

The whole move-in process may seem a bit hectic and confusing, but there will be plenty of people around the House whose sole job is to help you and make you feel welcome. Within a day or two you’ll feel right at home...just in time for the upperclassmen to arrive!