Zahm House
EST 1937

Welcome Weekend Staff

Greetings and welcome to the University of Notre Dame. More importantly, welcome to Zahm House, the best dorm Notre Dame has to offer. The men listed below have been chosen to display and exemplify to you, and the other members of the Class of 2022, the 81 years of grandiose tradition and impassioned spirit that makes Zahm House the home you will find it to be.

Before you even get out of your car, you start understanding that Zahm is not your average dorm. As the Welcome Weekend (formerly Frosh-O) Staff, we take it as a distinct pleasure and honor to assist you in getting settled and acquainted with your new digs. We will help unpack, introduce you to your new classmates, and tour you around that beautiful campus — in tried, true, and classic Zahm style. The first week of college can prove to be difficult for many. That is why we all have eagerly taken the responsibility of relieving as much stress and anxiety as possible.

Zahm House is a brotherhood that desperately desires for you to join in on it. We hope that you can immediately start seeing yourself as a part of this brotherhood and we will do our best to show you what the relationship between Zahm and you — a new Zahmbie — means. We all cannot wait to meet you and let you in on a fantastic brotherhood that so few get the opportunity to enjoy. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and GO IRISH! And, please, do not ever forget that, although you have not met us yet and we have not met you yet, we are already your brothers. Not only are we here to help but we also want to help. It’s why we wanted this great job. We’ll be the really enthusiastic guys in the red shirts that your parents think are either a) really nice or b) a little too excited. Do not hesitate to ask us for anything you might need throughout orientation and beyond.