Zahm House
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Rooms and Roommates


Almost all Zahm freshmen on every floor will live in doubles for the 2019-2020 year. (Up through the 2015-2016 school year, all the doubles on 1st through 3rd floors were triple rooms, but due to the construction of Dunne Hall, these slightly overcrowded triples are now spacious doubles.) Four freshmen will be living in a quad on the third floor (two side doubles, one central common space).

All rooms come with a wastebasket, two desks, two beds, two desk chairs, and two wardrobe closets. The beds are 80" twin. However, if you are over 6'6" or so, you can ask for an extra-long bed (90"). We encourage you to only request the XXL bed if you absolutely need it. You won’t want to waste the room if you don’t need it. If you require a 90” bed, please email the rector ASAP at mhovde@nd.edu.

What is helpful about the beds, wardrobes and desks is that they are modular and go together well for bunking or lofting. In addition to these basics, the rooms come with a sink, medicine cabinet, and mirror.

Most rooms do not have overhead lighting, so a lamp is a good idea. Carpets and storage bins and drawers are two other ideas you may want to consider. No need to pack all that though. There are plenty of places in South Bend to buy these things. Once you receive information about your roommate, it would be a good idea to coordinate with them what you will be bringing so that you don’t end up with three TV’s, two fridges, and four lamps (plus, it’s nice to talk to your roommate before living with them for the next year). Remember, it’s not just your room.

A handy and helpful packing checklist can be found here.


You should be receiving information from the Office of Housing regarding your roommates. If, for some reason, you find the school year to be drawing near and you have not received that information, call the Office of Housing at (574) 631-5878. Along with the roommate information, you will also receive your Zahm House mailing address.

We highly recommend contacting your roommate before showing up for orientation weekend. This can help prevent you from bringing two refrigerators, couches, etc.


  • Zahm House is a smoke-free facility, as are all buildings on campus.
  • Zahm has a laundry room with washers and dryers.
  • There aren’t landlines in the dorm rooms, so make sure to bring a cell phone.
  • Microwaves and air conditioners are unfortunately not allowed – our old wiring won’t handle them! We have microwaves available for use in the House.