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When sending something to your sons at Zahm House via DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS, here is the proper address:

[Zahmbie's Name]
[Zahmbie's Room Number] Zahm House
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5628


Ask your son about purschasing Zahm Apparel!

Care Packages

The Student Activities Office offers the ND Cake Service for special events and Final Exam Care Packages that you may order to have delivered to your sons in Zahm.

Notre Dame Food Services' Catering by Design offers a number of treats and packages that you may order online that they will deliver to your sons, as well. These include a cookie bouquet, a cookie-gram, a final exam package, an all-nighter package, a fresh fruit basket, a special occasion cake, and a survival kit.

Domer Dollars

Domer Dollars are electronic funds programmed to Notre Dame ID cards. Your sons must use Domer Dollars to purchase pizza, breadsticks, and beverages in our in-House pizza parlor, Za. They may also use Domer Dollars to purchase items in the vending machines and to pay for the use of washers and dryers in our laundry room. When your sons use Domer Dollars for washing and drying, they receive a 25 cents discount on each load.

You can deposit money into your sons' Domer Dollars, even without telling them (e.g., you use them as a gift), right here. The deposit requires your son's Net ID, which is the first part of his email. (For example, if your son Matthew Smith has an email msmith6@nd.edu, his Net ID is msmith6.)


Zahm is able to do as much as it does because of donations from alumni, friends, and parents. You may earmark for Zahm House any donation you make to Notre Dame, either as an alumnus, friend, or parent, and you can even restrict what your donation may be used for by Zahm House. When you make your donation to Zahm through supporting.nd.edu or mynotredame.nd.edu, it is credited toward eligibility for the ND alumni football ticket lottery and for the ND special contributor football ticket lottery. You may also contact the Development Office directly at +1-574-631-7164.

Please feel free to contact the Rector, to discuss any ideas that you or he may have. His email address is mhovde@nd.edu and his telephone number is +1-574-631-9246.


If there is an urgent situation and you cannot, for some reason, get in contact with your sons, please contact the Rector, at +1-574-631-9246. The Rector will try his best to get ahold of them. Also, feel free to contact the Rector if there is something that needs to be conveyed to your sons (e.g., death of a family member) and you'd rather the Rector be present with them for pastoral reasons.

Junior Parents Weekend

During Junior Parents Weekend (JPW) at Notre Dame, juniors and their parents enjoy a variety of events, including an opening gala, workshops, a Vigil Mass, the President's Dinner, and a closing brunch. Zahm House also hosts a luncheon for all Zahm juniors and their parents on the Saturday of JPW in our basement, and many juniors get together and host their parents for social gatherings at night in Zahm. Tickets are needed and may be applied for online. This academic year's JPW will be held Friday, February 16 - Sunday, February 18, 2018.

Notre Dame Parents

The Notre Dame Parents website offers a plethora of information for parents, including information of getting involved, visiting ND, spirituality, and special events.

Summer Storage

The University does not allow students to leave belongings in their dorms during the summer; luckily, there are plenty of storage spaces in the Michiana area for your son to store all his stuff. Zahmbies often get large storage units in groups and share a U-Haul to minimize costs, and will help eachother move out in May and move back in August. If your son has concerns, he can ask the Rector (or an upperclassman) for assistance.

Welcome Weekend ("Frosh-O")

The Welcome Weekend website provides information on move-in and orientation events for both incoming Notre Dame students and their parents.