Zahm House
EST 1937



Zahm House serves-up ND's best and favorite pizzas, which are known by Zahmbies as "Za."

Za offers three pizza choices: cheese, 'roni, and sausage.


  • Sundays: 10 pm - 1 am
  • Mondays - Thursdays: 10pm - 1am
  • Fridays - Saturdays: 11am - 3 am


  • 10" Za: $6.00
  • 16" Za: $10.00
  • Slice of Za: $1.50
  • Bottled water, iced tea, juice, pop, and sports drinks: $1.00

Domer Dollars:

All purchases must be made with Domer Dollars, which are electronic funds programmed to Notre Dame ID cards. Click here to deposit funds electronically.


The men of Zahm donate all profits from Za to charities, so eat and drink even more.

Za Staff:


Hector Peralta and Luigi Coltorti

Interested in Cooking?

The Za staff for 2018-2019 has not been filled yet. If you would like to work for Za, Contact Hector Peralta at hperalta@nd.edu or Luigi Coltorti at lcoltort@nd.edu. Each Za staff member typically works about one night a week.